WOD: 6-27-12

Strength:  3 rounds of max Deadhang Chin Ups

WOD:  4 rounds for time of:

400M Run
25 Sit Ups
12 Front Squats (155/105)


(Q)  What happens when you post things too far ahead because you go to Maine for the weekend?  (A)  You forget to do what is now my new favorite word:  Castigate.  It’s going down!

So you want to compete at CrossFit?!  Let’s talk about everything else instead of that, because in reality, everything else matters incredibly…

If you were to spend just 1 hour a day at the gym every single day, your day would be awesome, but more importantly you would note that only 1 out of 24 hours (there are only 24 hours in one day) are spent actively getting fitter.  Let’s do some quick math…

One day = 1 hour working out / 23 hours not working out

One week = 7 hours workout out / 7 x 23 hours not working out (161)

One month = you get the idea…

Everything else you do outside of the gym will most certainly influence how and what you do in the gym.  How are you picking things up from the floor now?  How are you moving furniture?  How do you carry your bag?  What does your posture look like when you aren’t thinking about it?  RCBB is drilling the proper positions on the Deadlift, the Snatch, rowing, and all sorts of other movements, because we were designed to move this way.  You are going to be hard pressed to make the gains you can if you do not take what you learn in the gym and apply it in as many places as possible.  Making these movements patterns a habit outside of the gym will also reinforce how you will do them inside the gym.  It’s a win-win.

How’s the dieting going?  What steps in your every day activities (remember?)  are you taking to be healthier?  Please be sure that I am not calling you out (I am, it’s my job) in any way and I am not saying these changes have to be astronomical or happen overnight.  Just by taking the smallest steps once a day will make you a better-oiled machine capable of ravaging the competition on game day.  Also, eat better.  Even good engines perform poorly when fed crap.

Lastly, how are your rest and stress levels?  Coming from a 27-year-old perfect person, they are both pretty good, but I know that life can still get in the way.  Commutes, work, kids, relationships, and a plethora of life’s other “treats” can make for a stressful environment.  Knowing that stress is coming at you in every figurative direction is nothing new, but how you deal with that stress can make all of the difference.  Succumbing to it and conquering it can make the difference in your attitude between resting just before that last rep and finishing the set without stopping.  It is something that has to be practiced every day and something that can be exhausting, but that is why stress-relief AKA working out exists.  Also, if you aren’t sleeping enough, you’re going to die.  And as always…

Get your life together so you stop making me look bad,




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